Being of Service

Right Brain Liaisons is committed to being of service to people and the planet. We offer concessional rates and voluntary services for groups and organisations working for social justice and a healthy planet.

Get in touch if your community group or organisation is interested in the powerful and transformative tools of meditation and mindfulness and learning to easily integrate regular practice into your projects and culture.


TEDx Adelaide 2017 Volunteer Wellbeing Officer

In 2017, Jen Hill was asked to be Health and Wellbeing Officer for TEDx Adelaide, looking after the mental health of TEDx Adelaide Speakers, Volunteers and Members of the Public.

Our Offerings

We tailor courses, programs and workshops to suit community needs and goals.


Free meditation classes at Sturt Street Community Centre

In October 2018, for Mental Health Month, we offered four free group meditations at our local community centre, the South West Community Centre in Adelaide. These sessions were designed to raise awareness and empower people with simple practices that enhance mental health and wellbeing. Right Brain Liaisons will run free sessions again at the Adelaide SWCC for Mental Health Month 2019.