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Guided Meditation Groups



Guided weekly, workplace meditation groups provide the ongoing guidance and support to embed mindful attitudes and develop meditation practice and benefit for work and life.


Guided Workplace Meditation Sessions

30 minute guided meditation sessions, run in 4, 8 and 12-week themed blocks provide ongoing support and training for the development of a meditation routine and mindful culture, aligned with business needs and objectives. 

Sessions are stand alone for casual attendance and held in a quiet room, on-site, with participants sitting on chairs and in usual work attire. Sessions provide group members with an opportunity to reset their mind and body back to zero, still point of calm, clarity and balance, and are designed so members can return to work after 30 minutes feeling refreshed and recharged.

While beginners do greatly benefit from these workplace sessions, for greatest value and benefit, it is recommended that participants complete a 6-8-Week Introduction To Meditation and Mindfulness training program. Right Brain Liaisons offers programs run on and off-site.

Techniques used
Right Brain Liaisons uses evidence-based, secular and simple meditation and mindfulness techniques that are accessible to a wide range of people. A variety of techniques are used to give people the opportunity to find what works best for them, all of which decrease busy-ness and increase calm, clarity and balance.

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Price may very depending on the situation and circumstances.
A general guide is $150/session for 20 people



Corporate meditation and mindfulness training has many benefits. Read about the benefits here.


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