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Corporate Training Programs



Right Brain Liaisons mindfulness meditation training programs are tailored to empower your workforce by improving wellbeing, focus, productivity and engagement.

We offer 6-8 week training programs to teach practical meditation, mindfulness and resilience skills and knowledge. Our programs are accessible to a broad audience. We practice in chairs in usual business attire, backed by science and without dogma. Our programs for beginners and early stage meditators build understanding, experience and confidence and fully equip people to integrate meditation and mindfulness practices into daily life, including in the workplace for optimum wellbeing and performance. Based on the latest research in neuroscience, biology, epigenetics, physics, psychology and meditation studies in the workplace, our programs demystify the science of the mind, stress and relaxation and presents meditation practice in a relevant and relatable form.

Our programs empower individuals to create a strong foundation upon which greater self-awareness and the ability to better manage stress, productivity and resilience can be formed. Right Brain Liaisons takes care to create a supportive learning environment and shared experience in which co-workers and peers support and motivate one another, with guidance and encouragement from an experienced, qualified and passionate teacher. 


Program Content

Our programs explore stress in the workplace (and life) and bridge the gap between meditation, presence, attention, focus, productivity, business and success. Participants practice multiple mindfulness, meditation and visualisation techniques, they learn about the brain, neuroplasticity and how meditation positively and powerfully changes the brain and behaviour, and they learn how to implement a more mindful attitude by integrating techniques into work and life. 

Our program include:

  • Weekly in-person sessions introducing the science and practice of mindfulness

  • Guided meditation recordings to practice between sessions

  • The evidence base and supportive guidance that inspires and motivates participants 

  • Exercises and tools to unlock employee's inner resources, including managing stress and overwhelm, enhancing communicating, dealing with conflict, enhancing teamwork, coping with change and anxiety, improving focus, performance and innovation.

Participants learn:

  • Techniques to manage stress, anxiety and busy-ness more effectively

  • Practices which support greater focus, clarity and productivity

  • How to apply mindfulness to communication for more effective relationships

  • How meditation can rewire our brains for the better

  • Practices to develop and strengthen emotional resilience and wellbeing

Measuring and Evaluating Program Outcomes 
Monitoring and evaluation is an important factor in ensuring the ongoing success and development of any workplace program and to ensure client goals and objectives are met. Evaluation takes place throughout the program. Findings from the evaluation undertaken are provided to the client and staff as appropriate. 
Evaluation generally involves:

  • Pre-program, baseline quantitative and qualitative survey, including common stressors list, conducted one week prior to start of program

  • Post-program survey, conducted immediately after program completion

  • Follow up survey, 3 months after program completion (optional)


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Right Brain Liaisons has reasonable cancellation policies.