Guided Group Meditation



Meditating in a group is easier than meditating alone and can lead to deeper relaxation, more powerful healing and greater shifts in consciousness, among other benefits. Group meditation fosters connection and support among group members and helps to build, encourage and maintain commitment to a regular meditation practice. 

Right Brain Liaisons runs 30 minute guided meditation classes in-person and online. Classes are stand alone and attendance is casual on a come-when-you-can basis. It is recommended that beginners first complete the 5-week Beginner's Learn to Meditate Course to receive the greatest benefit from guided group meditation classes. 


Casual, Drop-In Meditation Classes

In a safe, welcoming and comfortable environment, guided by passionate meditation teacher Jen Hill, small groups of eight or less meditate together for 30 minutes, using a variety of techniques selected to increase relaxation and decrease the harmful effects of stress; enhance focus and concentration; boost mindfulness, presence and awareness; aid clarity, connection and creativity and increase insight, emotional wellbeing and resilience.

NB: Classes are suitable for people who have completed our 5-week Beginner's Meditation Course and other intermediate level meditators.


Weekly Drop-in Meditation Groups

IN-PERSON - THURSDAYS - 5:30pm  1/21 Russell Street Adelaide

1/21 Russell Street Adelaide

FROM $12 / Per Session

Via Zoom. Create a free Zoom account here.

FROM $12 / Per Session


Attendance is casual and charged at $15 per session, cash-on-day.
Alternatively, purchase a 5- or 10- multi-pass ticket via Paypal below and receive up to 30% off the ticket price per session. Multi-tickets valid for six months from purchase. 

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Meditating in a group has many added benefits. Read about the extra benefits of group meditation here.


Attendance is casual and charges only apply on attendance. Class charges are as follows:

$15 cash per session

$13 per session 5-ticket pass

$12 per session 10-ticket pass

Purchase a multi-ticket via the PayPal button below.

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The Benefits of Group Meditation

Six Reasons Why Group Meditation Is Awesome

Even if it's just once a week, joining a group of like-minded souls for meditation has tons of benefits for the whole person, mind, body and spirit. The convincing link between the mind and body is well established, and health and wellness advocates in the medical profession are prescribing meditation for stress-related problems. Sure, you could go it alone at home, but group meditation has some unique benefits. 

The Power of Group Meditation

Meditation has so many advantages that it’s become more popular than ever. Health, well-being, and mental processes improve with meditation and, over time, the benefits increase steadily. If meditation works so well for an individual, perhaps that power is amplified in a group. It could accelerate and expand everything. Let’s go into the possibilities.

Benefits of Group Meditation

Before talking about group meditation, also known as shared meditation, we need to ask you: When was the last time took some time for yourself? When was the last time you had the chance to create meaningful interactions? Have you considered how much time you spend talking to others online? Today interactions are defined by technology, is not a bad thing, unless that is the only type of interaction you get, and if that’s the case, meditating in groups can become a lifesaver.