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Mindful Leaders Program



The Mindful Leaders Program provides a separate space for leaders and managers to explore, practice and embed mindfulness at work for maximum workplace benefit. PWC reports a 230% return on investment in workplace mental health initiates. Investing in meditation training empowers your people’s wellbeing, resilience, performance, engagement and enjoyment at work.


Monthly Mindful Leaders Program

Right Brain Liaisons can tailor meditation/mindfulness for stress-management and resilience programs in response to individual departmental or executive needs. Our Mindful Leaders Program provides the space and support for leaders and managers to explore, practice and embed Mindfulness, separately to their staff base.

The Mindful Leaders Program involves one 90-minute group workshop plus a 30-minute one-on-one session per month. Workshops teach the understanding and practice of mindfulness and meditation, while one-on-one sessions help to integrate and deepen the learnings.

Price will vary depending on the situation and circumstances. Please contact us for a quote.
As a guide, 1 x 90 minute workshop + 10 x 30 minute one-to-one session per participant per month (max 10 participants), all resources and additional coaching and support included, $5,000/month.

It is recommended for greatest value and benefit, that participants first complete a 6-week Introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness Program.

Measuring and Evaluating Program Outcomes 
Monitoring and evaluation is an important factor in ensuring the ongoing success and development of any workplace program and to ensure client goals and objectives are met. Evaluation takes place throughout the program. Findings from the evaluation undertaken are provided to the client and staff as appropriate. 
Evaluation generally involves:

  • Pre-program, baseline quantitative and qualitative survey, including common stressors list, conducted one week prior to start of program

  • Post-program survey, conducted immediately after program completion

  • Follow up survey, 3 months after program completion (optional) 



Corporate meditation and mindfulness training has many benefits. Read about the benefits here.


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