A place to unwind.



Right Brain Liaisons is an Adelaide-based Meditation and Mindfulness training and facilitation provider. We are passionate about sharing the transformative power of meditation, mindfulness and other contemplative practices to those who seek to live and work with calm and balance, focus and clarity, wellbeing and ease, presence and intuition.

Right Brain Liaisons offers meditation training and guidance for individuals, organisations and community groups, empowering people to:

  • reduce the harmful and inhibiting effects of stress

  • enhance mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing

  • build emotional resilience, self-care and soft skills

  • improve sleep, focus, performance and creativity

  • journey along the path to self-mastery

  • be the conscious creator of your reality


Our mission is to empower people with understanding and skills to harness the power of the mind, access inner resources and resilience and unlock human potential. 


Our vision is to see people living empowered and authentically self-expressed lives, living and working healthily, happily and in harmony with each other and the planet.


Our values permeate all we do. Our core values of integrity, truth, fairness and free will inspire us to continually improve our offerings and service to the greater good, as best we can. We value people and the planet over the pathological pursuit of profit. We believe humanity needs an inner revolution in order to manifest the outer revolution we wish to see.


Jen Hill is the Founder of Right Brain Liaisons. Jen has been an avid meditator for fifteen years and a teacher and guide since 2016. Jen holds a Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Guiding Meditation from the Australia Centre for Holistic Studies (ACHS) and is passionate about sharing the transformative tools that have positively changed her life and the lives of many others. 

Previously a scientist and winemaker, with an Agricultural Science (Oenology) degree from the University of Adelaide, a higher education professional, an artist and business owner, Jen draws on lessons learned through diverse learning and working experiences. Understanding the stresses of modern working life and having a keen interest in mind-body sciences, neuroscience, epigenetics, quantum physics, ancient traditions and metaphysics, Jen brings a unique mix of science, experience and wisdom to her teaching and is well-placed to help others bring transformation, health and balance into their lives. 

Contact Jen via email or phone on 0419 031 754.