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One-on-One Training


Receive personalised support and guidance from a care-full, qualified and passionate meditation teacher and fast-track your transformation. Jen Hill empowers people to find and maintain their balanced centre and inner source of vitality, wisdom, happiness and creativity.



Coaching to suit your goals

Jen works with high-performing professionals to increase calm and balance and better manage stress - the number one inhibitor to health and performance. Regular meditation practice also enhances sleep, focus, clarity of thinking, decision making, productivity and problem-solving and boosts resilience, immune function, wellbeing and mental, emotional and physical health. Learn to better wield the tool that is your mind and use your creative powers to manifest the expression and life you wish to see.

Sessions are tailored to suit individual needs and goals and can include a range of evidence-based modalities and practices for best results. 

Contact Jen for more information and to discuss a personalised program to suit your needs. 
Mobile: 0419 031 754


Coaching rates include all preparation and follow up time and meditation recordings for practice at home. Rates may vary depending on coaching objectives and timelines. It is recommended that beginners undertake a 3-8 session program to build new habits and embed mindful practices and approaches to work and life.


Coaching services are charge per hour of face-to-face contact, yet for each contact hour there are multiple hours of preparation and follow up involved. Therefore, Right Brain Liaisons requires 24 hours notice of cancellation of a coaching session and reserves the right to charge 50-100% of the coaching fee, circumstances dependent, for cancellations within 24 hours.

Coaching Testimonials

I work in a particularly stressful and fast paced industry so I wanted coaching to gain techniques and strategies to not only to help manage that stress, but also gain a greater sense of calm focus in how I approach my work. Jen’s coaching style is warm and supportive and her scientific approach to explaining meditation allowed me to better understand not only how to practice the techniques, but why they are beneficial for me in achieving these goals.

Jen’s coaching has given me the tools to begin regular practice on my own which I am already seeing the benefits of in my work and personal life. Jen provides valuable follow up information and recordings of guided meditations to support me in continued personal practice. The opportunity to work together online is also perfect for me as it allows a flexibility to work into my sometimes unpredictable schedule.

I would highly recommend Jen’s training and coaching for anyone looking to learn the basics and benefits of meditation practice, particularly for those in high stress jobs!

Thank you so much Jen!
I’ve learned to make time for me! Having Jen’s sessions planned every week has been fantastic!
Jenefer Hill is an inspiring coach and teacher whose compelling sense of open heartedness is at the centre of all that she creates. I recommend Jen if you are especially interested in obtaining ‘outside-the-box’ insights, actions and results around a project, direction or endeavour that invokes a complete break from the way you go about achieving results in life.
Feel much better already. I can’t thank you enough for guiding me through my thought processes. That aid is invaluable!!