Right Brain Liaisons offers meditation courses, classes and one-on-one training, empowering people to:

- be more present
- reduce the harmful and inhibiting effects of stress in work and life
- enhance mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing
- build resilience, self-care and soft skills
- improve sleep, focus, effectiveness, intuition and creativity
- journey along the path to self-mastery


5-Week Meditation and Mindfulness Course


Right Brain Liaisons offers a 5-week introduction to meditation and mindfulness course for beginners, early stage meditators and people wanting to reinvigorate their meditation practice. Run in a welcoming, comfortable and supportive small group setting, this course helps participants build a strong foundation and easily integrate regular meditation practice into life to enjoy the profound benefits.


One-on-One Training

60 MINUTES $90 • 90 MINUTES $125

Receive specialised support, training and guidance from a care-full, passionate and experienced meditation teacher and mentor. Jen Hill is committed to empowering people to find their inner balance, focus, wisdom and creativity. Jen works with high-performing individuals to reduce mental busy-ness, manage stress - the number one inhibitor to health and performance, and harness the power of their mind. Jen teaches meditation and mindfulness practices as transformational tools for personal development, spiritual connection, insight and therapeutic assistance.

Sessions are tailored to suit individual needs and goals and can include a range of evidence-based modalities and practices for best results.

Drop-in Guided Group Meditation

30 MINUTES $15 (cash on day) • from $12 (multi-pass)

Tuesdays • 5:30pm • 1/21 Russell Street, Adelaide 5000

Guided meditation groups provide inspiration and motivation to continue regular practice in a supportive environment and with the added benefits of meditating in a group. Our guided group sessions are open to intermediate level meditators and graduates of our beginners course. Attendance is casual. Purchase a multi-pass tickets here.


Remote Guided Meditation Membership

$12 per week 

Remote meditation memberships are available for graduates of our beginners course and other intermediate level meditators, providing recordings, support and motivation to continue regular practice in the comfort of your own home.


Meditation Downloads

Browse and download from our store of meditation recordings.


For bookings or information:

Enquire here for more information or to join a meditation course, group or engage our coaching services.


Enjoy free meditations by Right Brain Liaisons on SoundCloud


A short meditation to reconnect to the present moment and you inner peace and calm. With 'Root Chakra' music by My Astral Dream


A 10 minute meditation for relaxation and resetting, and reducing the effects of stress. Music by Sonic Yogi.