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Meditation and Mindfulness
Training and Guidance


Our mission is to empower people
with meditation practices and understanding
that unlock human potential and
improve life, work and health

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The mind is our greatest asset and greatest obstacle

Meditation is a tool for training a healthy mind, strengthening and refreshing our mental and emotional faculties like strengthening our body at the gym and cleaning our teeth twice a day.

Your mind is just as important as your body or your teeth!

The mind is involved in everything we do. It governs how we think, how we feel, how we perceive, how we experience and engage with life.

Our mind forms the basis of our character and personality, our relationships and our happiness.

Our state of mind determines the way we feel about our self and it affects our physical health all the way down to the level of our DNA and gene expression.

The mind contains endless possibilities and powers, but when left unchecked it can behave like a wild animal - restless, loud, uncontrollable and not present.

Regular meditation practice is shown to:

  • Reduce fear and stress through reduced amygdala activity within the brain and thus reduced triggering of the fight/flight survival response

  • Increase self-awareness

  • Increase self-regulation of attention allowing us to stay focused and concentrate with less mind-wandering or distraction

  • Increase self-regulation of emotions enabling us stay calm under pressure and in the heat of the moment

  • Enhance memory and increase the retention of information

  • Increase effectiveness and learning

  • Decrease negative emotion and negative self-beliefs

  • Decrease biases through increased compassion and connection with self and others


Right Brain Liaisons runs private meditation courses and guided groups as well as workplace programs that help to reduce overthinking and stress, build resilience and better manage thoughts and emotions for a life filled with greater ease, calm, presence, wellbeing, clarity and effectiveness.


Upcoming Meditation Classes and Groups


5-Week Meditation and Mindfulness Course
Nov-Dec 2019

Our 5-week introductory course provides the right blend of practice, science, inspiration and wisdom to kickstart or deepen your meditation practice. Start enjoying the many wonderful mental, emotional and physical benefits of meditation and mindfulness.

Weekly, Drop-in Guided Meditation Group
Tuesdays 5:30pm

Guided meditation group run in Adelaide CBD for graduates of our 5-week meditation and mindfulness course and other intermediate level meditators, using multiple techniques to increase calm, balance, focus, clarity, wellbeing and resilience.

Remote Meditation Training and Guidance
Monthly Subscription

Guided meditations recorded for members to enjoy the benefits of practice in their own home, with a focus on contemplation, self-enquiry and insight practices. Membership includes weekly support and a monthly Skype or in person meeting to discuss progress.


One-on-One Training


Workplace Programs


One-on-One Training
To fit your schedule

One-on-One training enables personalised care and guidance to suit your needs and objectives at the time that suits you, in-person or online.


Visit our Corporate Page
To read about workplace training

Workplace meditation and mindfulness training programs increase staff wellbeing and resilience, reduce stress and improve the bottom line through increased productivity and innovation.


Calm & Balance

Practising meditation is as good as a holiday, but with longer lasting benefits


Focus & Clarity

Meditation practice increases focus and awareness, clarity of thinking and decision-making


Presence & Intuition

Be more present and in tune the wisdom of your intuition and creativity.


Health &


Enjoy the short and long-term benefits of slowing down and resetting your mind and body back to your inner still point that is balanced and calm. Science confirms the many mental, emotional and physical health benefits of maintaining a relaxed and focused awareness through regular meditation practice.


Kickstart, reignite or deepen your meditation practice

As little as five minutes a day can start to improve mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing.
The key is to integrate practice into daily life, which is best achieved with a strong foundation of understanding, practise and support from an experienced and passionate meditation teacher.