Our mission is to empower people
with meditation practices and understanding
that unlock human potential and
improve life, work and health

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Upcoming Meditation Courses and Classes


5-Week Meditation and Mindfulness Course
Aug-Sept 2019

Our 5-week introductory course provides the right blend of practice, science, inspiration and traditional wisdom to kickstart or deepen your meditation practice. Start enjoying the many wonderful mental, emotional and physical benefits of meditation and mindfulness.

Weekly, Drop-in Guided Meditation Group
Thursdays 5:30pm

Guided meditation group run in Adelaide CBD for graduates of our 5-week meditation and mindfulness course and other intermediate level meditators, using multiple techniques to increase calm, balance, focus, clarity, wellbeing and resilience.

Weekly Online Insight Meditation Group
Tuesdays 5:30pm

Guided meditations delivered online for members to enjoy the benefits of practice from their own home. Sessions focus on contemplation and insight practices to increase intuition and insight and aid mental, emotional and physical health.


One-on-One Training


One-on-One Training and Coaching
To fit your schedule

One-on-One training enables personalised care and guidance to suit your needs and objectives at the time that suits you, in-person or online.


Calm & Balance

Bing more calm and balance into your life by learning simple techniques that can be practised by anyone, anywhere.


Focus & Clarity

Regular meditation practice increases focused awareness and concentration, clarity of thinking and decision-making.


Presence & Intuition

Be present, aware and in tune with the wisdom of your instinct and intuition.


Health & Well-being

Enjoy the wonderful benefits of resting and resetting your mind and body back to your still point of inner calm and balance. Science shows the many positive and long-term benefits of relaxation.


Kickstart or deepen your meditation practice

Numerous scientific studies show how as little as five-ten minutes of meditation a day can improve mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing.
Being able to integrate meditation practice into daily life is key to enjoying these benefits, which is easy to do with a solid understanding and foundation of practice, taught by an experienced, passionate and purposeful teacher and guide.